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Pizza Columbus Ohio

Fresh Out of the Oven Taste - Grandma's Pizza is your only choice

Tired of soggy crusts and greasy cheese? Try the premier pizza in the Columbus Ohio area. Grandma's Pizza has fresh out of the oven taste. For truly superior dining, Grandma's is your only choice. What makes Grandma's so special?

  • Quality Brands: We never use generic or off-brand products.  Our crusts, sauces, meats and cheeses are always from the highest quality brands available.
  • Fresh Ingredients: Our vegetables are fresh daily and cut by hand to give your pizza the best taste.
  • Special Recipes: Customers rave over our special-recipe sausage and zesty tomato sauce.
  • Crisp Crust: Crunchy on the bottom and soft on top is what makes our product the best.
  • Baked Just for You:  You don't want your dinner just sitting around. That's why your pizza is baked especially for you.

Grandma's makes the customer the king.  That's why we offer so many choices.


Do you like to make your own pizza?

At Grandmas, you can choose from our list of ingredients and create whatever sort of pizza you want.  If you want jalapenos with anchovies, you can get it at Grandmas.  Prefer a Hawaiian with ham and pineapple?  We have that too.  Choose from any of our fresh ingredients:


Black Olives
Extra Cheese

Jalapenos Peppers
Ground Beef

Sliced Tomatoes

Green Peppers
Hot Peppers

Do you like Special Creations?

Grandma's has created some unique special pizzas to tempt the most discerning taste buds. 

Gyro Fest combines Gyro meat with tomatoes, onions and our special recipe cucumber sauce for a unique Greek dish.

Chili 'N Cheese covers your crust with a meaty chili, our special 3-cheese blend and if you want, we'll give it a special heat with jalapenos and onions.

Grandma's BLT is one of our most requested favorites.  This two-crust pizza has crispy bacon and ripe tomatoes topped with fresh provolone, lettuce and Ranch Dressing.  This unique dish reminds you of your mom.

Grilled Chicken can be made with barbecue sauce or special recipe tomato sauce.  We top your choice of sauce with our specially seasoned Tyson Grilled chicken breasts and freshly grated provolone.  A wonderful combination!

Do you like Your Food All-Out?

Sometimes more is better.  That is why Grandma's has created pies that give you everything you could want.

Lotza Meat:  All the meats we have are piled high on our special sauce and topped with fresh provolone.

Veggie Delight: Our most popular vegetables, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, hot peppers and tomatoes are loaded up and topped with provolone.

Deluxe Works:  Our favorite pepperoni and sausage, topped with our most popular veggies, all on our special crust and sauce.

Grand Gourmet:  Want it all?  How about all the meats and all the veggies put together between our special recipe sauce and cheese.  Talk about the ultimate!


 Whatever you want in your pizza, you can get it at Grandmas.  Visit, call or make your online delivery order today!


I want to compliment you for your friendly service, quickness and good food.

-Chris Wallace, Powell Ohio

I am pleased with how quick and friendly your staff is and that your menu offers a wide variety of items. 

-Pat S, Reynolsburg Ohio


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