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Pizza Delivery Columbus Ohio

Get Grandma's Pizza delivered right to your door


Forgot to take the meat out of the freezer for dinner?  Don't worry; get Grandma's Pizza delivered right to your door.  Our pizza delivery service is the best in Columbus Ohio.  Don't ask us; just ask the customers we've been delivering pizza to for over 17 years.  Our pizza delivery service is:

  • Convenient: Just give us a call at West Broad:(614)228-1110 or Reynoldsburg: (614)863-0777, or order online using our convenient order form.
  • Helpful in Planning Ahead: Online orders can be scheduled ahead of time and your pizza delivery will come just when you need it hot from the oven.
  • Fast: In 45 minutes, your order will be delivered to your door!
  • Hot:  Our fast pizza delivery and special packaging makes sure your dinner is hot and ready.
  • On-Time: We limit our delivery area to make sure we can get your pizza to you quickly.
  • Economical: Our delivery charge is just $2.00, cheaper than gas!
  • Friendly: Our friendly delivery people are happy to give you the dinner you've been waiting for.


Grandma's Pizza delivery offers premium pizza and plenty of Choices


If you haven't tried our pizza before, you are missing out on a superior taste experience.  Grandma's Pizza knows that you don't always want to same type of pizzas, so we offer you many options:

  • For Meat Lovers: Our Lotza Meat Pizza with pepperoni, bacon, ground beef, ham and our special recipe sausage is the pizza delivery for you!
  • For Vegetable fans: Our Veggie Delight is piled high with all your favorite fresh veggies!
  • For Deluxe Piazza enthusiasts: Our Deluxe Works pizza has pepperoni with our special recipe sausage piled on with peppers, mushrooms and olives.  Or try the Grand Gourmet which has all the meats and all the vegetables!
  • For an Unusual taste:  Sometimes you just want something different in your pizza delivery.  So we also offer Gyro Fest with Greek meats, cheeses and vegetables.  Or try the Grilled Chicken Pizza, Chili 'N Cheese or our one-of-a-kind Grandma's BLT.


Best of all, you can create your own special pizza delivery with any of your favorite toppings.  Try as many as you want for only a dollar each!

  • Veggies: Onions, Black Olives, Mushrooms, Jalapeno Peppers, Hot Peppers, Green Peppers, Sliced Tomatoes, Pineapple
  • Meats: Ham, Sausage, Ground Beef, Salami, Anchovies, Bacon, Pepperoni


Grandma's Pizza Delivery Cares About our Customers

In these tough economic times, Grandma's Pizza knows our Columbus, Ohio customers need to feed their families for a reasonable price.  That is why we offer special coupons on our website.  When you order your pizza, just mention our online coupons and get a great pizza at a great price.


We are Taking Pizza Delivery Orders Right Now!


Don't just stand in front of the refrigerator wondering what to eat for dinner.  Call Grandma's Pizza at West Broad:(614)228-1110 or Reynoldsburg: (614)863-0777 or make an online order and get your pizza delivery heading towards you!


I want to compliment you for your friendly service, quickness and good food.

-Chris Wallace, Powell Ohio

I am pleased with how quick and friendly your staff is and that your menu offers a wide variety of items. 

-Pat S, Reynolsburg Ohio


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